Union Corrugating Company

Union Corrugating Company is a manufacturer and distributor of metal roofing systems and roofing components. The Company is a leading supplier to the residential, agricultural, and commercial roofing end markets. From 11 production facilities throughout the United States, Union serves more than 1,200 commercial customers, including home centers, lumber retailers, wholesalers, and contractors.

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Team Members:  Tom Kurtz, Jonathon Cope

McClarin Plastics, LLC

McClarin Plastics, LLC operates as a contract manufacturer of large thermoformed plastic and fiberglass-reinforced plastic components in North America and China. The Company’s services include fiberglass reinforced plastic, product development and engineering, reaction injection molding, thermoforming/thermoplastic fabrication, vacuum infusion process, and value-added manufacturing servicing clients in the transportation, construction, medical, agricultural, rail, and renewable energy industries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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Team Members:  Stacey Wittelsberger

ARCH Global Precision, LLC

ARCH Global Precision LLC, through its subsidiaries, manufactures and distributes precision machined components, cutting tools, and instruments.  The Company serves semiconductor, medical, defense, energy, commercial, optics, power generation, and aerospace industries through distributors and catalog houses in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. 

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Team Members:  Tom Kurtz

Successful sale through a strategic acquisition 2Q 2019

Vita Nonwovens, LLC

Vita Nonwovens, LLC manufactures nonwoven fiber products for automotive, mattress, healthcare, and industrial markets. The Company offers micro-fiber for sleeping bags, jackets, pillows, quilts, mattress, panels, toppers, pads, and apparel; nonwovens for medical applications; and thermal and acoustical nonwovens for automotive interior or exterior applications.

Successfully exited Q1 2015 via strategic sale

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co.

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. produces cast steel abrasive products, including steel shot and steel grit, along with several niche materials that are produced as a byproduct of the grit and shot manufacturing process.  The products are utilized for ship building, steel bar drawers, pipe manufacturing and surface preparation, automotive and non-automotive foundries, farm implement manufacturers, forging industry, aluminum die casters, testing and engineering facilities, structural steel fabricators, automotive rebuilders and other general industrial and infrastructure applications.

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Team Members:  Dan Yardley, Sean Bilbrough


Horizon Mud Company, Inc.

Horizon Mud Company Inc. is a leading provider of fluid services to E&P operators in the Permian and Eagle Ford Basins. Mud Masters, located in Belle Chasse, LA, develops and manufactures patented, non-synthetic additives to drilling fluids that permit far wider usage of less expensive and more environmentally friendly water-based drilling mud systems in lieu of traditional oil-based mud systems. The two companies have worked closely together to continue to validate market acceptance of Mud Makers Solutions.

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Team Members:  Pat Hamner, Sean Bilbrough

AAA Sales & Engineering, Inc.

AAA Sales & Engineering, Inc. through its divisions, engages in designing and manufacturing railroad products, production machining, and short run machining.  The Company serves class I and II rail yards and regional railroads, as well as industrial yards, including automotive, mining, commuter rail, and utilities.

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Team Members:  Tom Kurtz, Stacey Wittelsberger

REMET Corporation

REMET Corporation manufactures and supplies products and materials technology to the investment casting industry worldwide. The Company’s wax products include casting wax, specialty wax, pattern cleaner, mold release, and sculpture; ceramic shell casting materials include colloidal silica, enhanced binder, alcohol based, refractory sands and flours, and slurry additives. 

Successfully exited Q2 2005 via management recapitalization


ErgoGenesis manufactures and markets premium-priced, highly customizable, ergonomic chairs and a full line of ergonomic workspace accessories. The Company’s products are designed to enhance posture, alleviate pain and reduce stress on the musculoskeletal system. ErgoGenesis’ flagship seating brand is BodyBilt.  

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Team Members:  Pat Hamner, Sean Bilbrough

Center Manufacturing

Center Manufacturing makes highly engineered, complex and customized metal assemblies and components for the heavy and medium duty truck, power sports, motorcycle and agricultural markets. Moeller is the leading manufacturer of dipsticks and fuel filler caps to the heavy-duty equipment industry.

Successfully exited Q4 2012 via strategic sale