Gautier Steel Holdings Inc. ESOP

Gautier Steel operates a bar mill producing hot rolled carbon and alloy flats and squares, as well as a plate mill offering plate products in tool steel, stainless, and more. The Gautier facility was originally founded in 1852 and later owned by Cambria Iron Company and Bethlehem Steel Corporation for most of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Team members:

Stacey Wittelsberger and Alex Tyroler

Magnum Systems

Magnum Systems is a designer and manufacturer of material handling and packaging systems for dry bulk materials.  The Company is recognized for its innovative material handling solutions that employ cutting-edge robotics and electronics technologies to deliver the highest levels of automated throughput with the lowest levels of energy consumption.  Magnum’s systems move material from railcar to pallet and through production facilities by providing conveyor systems, loading and unloading equipment, and robotic cells.

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Team Members:

Kyle Griffith, Sean Bilbrough and Dan Yardley

TopDown, Inc.

TopDown, Inc., founded in 1979 and headquartered in Southern California, is the industry leader in OEM-quality replacement convertible tops which are one piece of an expansive offering that includes Jeep tops and aftermarket automotive soft goods such as seating upholstery, headliners, carpets and door panels. TopDown is committed to providing the automotive industry with leading product designs and quality, supported by excellent service levels and competitive prices.

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Team Members: Dan Yardley, Charles Adams and Zac Davliakos

Pure Wafer

Pure Wafer is the largest U.S.-based supplier of virgin silicon wafers, wafer reclaim services and specialty thin film deposition products. Pure Wafer focuses on creating efficiency for our customer base that includes most of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers.

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Team Members: Kyle Griffith and Dan Yardley

Naprotek, LLC

Founded in 1995 and based in San Jose, CA, Naprotek is an electronic manufacturing services company and a leading provider of quick turn printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services for high-reliability applications. With over 25 years of experience, Naprotek has a well-established base of technical expertise, personnel, equipment, and systems allowing it to support a variety of technically advanced OEM customers and mission-critical applications.

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Team Members:  Dan Yardley and Kyle Griffith

Summit Interconnect

Headquartered in Anaheim, California with facilities in Orange, Anaheim, and Santa Clara, California and Toronto, Canada, Summit is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. The company’s advanced technology factories are focused on complex rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCBs for use in defense and commercial applications.

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Team Members: Jonathon Cope and Dan Yardley

Reed’s Metals

Reed’s Metals is a manufacturer and distributor of metal roofing systems and roofing components to commercial customers, including home centers, and direct to contractors and homeowners. The combination with Union broadens the geographic and end market reach for the combined company.

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Team Members: Tom Holland, Tom Kurtz, Jonathon Cope

Vander-Bend Manufacturing

Vander-Bend Manufacturing is a leading developer, manufacturer, and assembler of precision products sold into medical technology, data center infrastructure, semiconductor capital equipment, and other end market applications. The Company distinguishes itself through its prototyping and engineering expertise, production capabilities, and quality reputation to partner with early stage, high growth companies in Silicon Valley. The Company’s production capabilities include precision machining, precision sheet metal fabrication, electro-mechanical assembly, and prototyping through production support.

Successfully exited Q1 2019 via acquisition refinancing.

Maysteel Industries

Maysteel Industries, a Littlejohn Capital portfolio company, manufactures custom OEM sheet metal enclosures, electrical cabinets, and metal fabricated assemblies.  The Company is a designer and manufacturer of data center infrastructure products, including: server cabinets, wall-mount racks, seismic and thermal management products, power distribution equipment, and cable runway systems.

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Team Members:  Tom Holland, Stacey Wittelsberger and Zac Davliakos