American Equipment

American Equipment (“Am-Quip) is a national lifting, weighing, measurement, and automated solutions platform including overhead cranes and hoists and industrial scale products with services including new and replacement equipment, ISO-certified fabrication, parts, inspections, maintenance, and repair services.

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Team Members:

Jonathon Cope and Zac Davliakos

Metro Boiler Tube Company

Metro Boiler Tube Company offers a full spectrum of boiler tube fabrication, cutting, and distribution, which includes press bending, welding, painting, polishing, and testing. The Company’s tubing serves a diverse group of industries in the power and industrial sectors, including utilities, pulp and paper, petrochemical, and sugar.

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Team Members:  Charles McCusker, David Christopher

Premium Inspection Testing, Inc.

Premium Inspection Testing, Inc. provides a range of non-destructive testing and inspection services. The Company’s services include pipeline integrity, mechanical integrity, heat treating, metallurgical, and welding specifications and qualifications serving oil and gas, pipeline, power generation, nuclear, petrochemical, refining, and process industries.

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Team Members:  Tom Holland

Belfort Instrument Company

Belfort Instrument Company is a company that makes various meteorological products, including the DigiWx Automated Weather System, which has been installed in various airports. The Company is also known for their Fisher & Porter rain gauge.

Successfully exited Q1 2005 via refinancing

Orbital Tool Technologies

Orbital Tool Technologies (“OTT”) is a single source supplier of quality in-house and on-site machining and welding services, shaft and journal repairs, fan shaft restoration and steam valve repairs for utilities and power generation clients throughout the United States. The acquisition of Century will enable OTT to significantly expand its service offering from modifying and repairing spare parts and valves to providing turbine parts and repair services to very large steam turbine components.

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Merged with Airco to form PowerSolutions Group

Inspection Oilfield Services

Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS) is the leading independent provider of tubular management services. The Company serves every important oil and gas producing region in the United States through their footprint of 20 service locations as well as deploy a fleet of mobile service units available 24/7.

Successfully exited Q1 2015 via strategic sale

Southeast Directional Drilling, LLC

Southeast Directional Drilling, LLC provides horizontal directional drilling services to contractors and gas companies. The Company services natural gas, utility, crude/product, telecom, and other pipeline projects.

Successfully exited Q4 2012 via recapitalization